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Privacy Policy - music-masti.com visitors

Last Updated: …August 27th, 2016

Music-masti.com is committed toward the privacy of its entire visitor. We at music-masti.com are loyal toward all our visitors and respecting their online privacy. We recognize their need for right of protection of personal information’s data they have shared with us for any reason. We have written everything about our Privacy Policy here so that all visitors can get know that we intend to keep their personal information protected.

Generally, our visitors need not to reveal their personal information including name, age, home address and email address etc. to access or visit on our website for any purpose. But, if in any case they choose to provide us their personal information on web, we will keep the shared information saved within Music Masti’s third party service provider.  We are doing our best to fulfill all applicable laws that are applied to protect individuals’ privacy policy across the world.

Some pages of music-masti.com utilize “cookies” or any other tracking technology to gather information about the ongoing activities of website. Some of these cookies and technologies may serve up to recall individual information previously indicated by a Web user. However most of the browsers allocate to control cookies, even though they are not removed. If all cookies are declined, visitor may not be able to access website completely. Please we careful for managing cookies section as we do not restricted for website visitors consent to use them. Website visitors can set browser to notify about cookies. If they choose to block cookies, they may need to fill their some personal information into some limited pages of our website.

Automatically Logged Information
On the other hand, tracking technologies may verify information like internet protocol (IP) addresses, Internet domain, operating system types, time and dates of website access etc. We want to clear that we have used cookies and other technologies just to improve our web site and give our visitors an unforgettable web experience as they help us to get to know the problems with our website server.

Third Party Advertising
Our website is open for third-party advertising companies to place their ads. May these companies can use information of our visitors and number of visits before providing advertisement on our website site according to visitors interest.

Right to Change and Security
We reserve the right to change this privacy policy as per our choice. To check when this was last updated, we have mentioned the date at the top of this page. We encourage all our visitors to review our privacy policy before start using this website.

Contain External Links 
Music-masti.com also contains links to other sites.

Please Inform Us
Users can contact us for any question about this privacy policy, the working of this site or any other issue related to this website.

Any questions about this privacy policy should be addressed to us via our contact form or email us at musicmastiblog@gmail.com

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