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Its All About Psy

Do you look like your daddy? Do you like to brag about it? If not, you are not Psy.

If you don't know Psy, you probably have not heard the song 'Gangnam Style'. The song launched somewhere in 2012 had a great impact on the world with Psy being recognized as one of the brilliant singers.

He won awards and go the chance to work with many celebrities including Snoopdogg an American rapper. But after 2012 hit, which is still a hit today, the singer almost vanished from the news. We hardly get to hear about him now.

I was going through an article where I came to know that Psy has caught in a lifestyle that has grappled his talent but is still doing well. The singer is focusing on Asia as it is believed to be the highest paying music market for singers. Psy's 'Gangnam Style' broke records when it was launched. Even YouTube got a lot of traffic from the album. But it has been a lot while since we have heard any other song from him?

Psy is reported of having caught into heavy drinking and a lifestyle that may be lethal for anyone. Anyone, he is still giving hits off and on whenever he is able to perform. After 2012 release of the  'Gangnam Style' Psy worked with the American rapper Snoopdogg for Hangover song which was released in 2014.

Check out the song:

The song Hangover received mixed results with millions of people liking it while at the same time the almost same number of people disliked the song. Psy was not able to gain the much fame with this song as he was able to with his 'Gangnam Style'. 

Anyway, the singer didn't give up and next years in 2015 he came up with the song that hit the world high. The song 'Daddy' is a worldwide hit. The tune or music of the song sounds similar to the 'Gangnam Style'. 

Check out the 'Gangnam Style' song:

You can go through each video and may notice that the Gangnam man has tried to get back the fame by trying to mimic his greatest hit. Anyway, Psy seems to be working on some another track which is (may be) keeping him away from the media. It is long since we last heard any news about him. Let's hope that we will get to hear another grand song from Psy that will shatter the Gangnam records. Although I personally don't understand the lyrics of his songs, he gives a great music to his tracks. Isn't it?

Check out each video and let me know if I am wrong. I will keep updating you more about his albums whenever I come to hear about it. Till then please keep visiting my column. Keep rocking just like 'Gangnam Style'.

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