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Bank Chor Music Review

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Bank Chor a movie under the banner of Y film is out and doing not so bad at the box office. The movie is directed by Bumpy and revolves around its star casts - Riteish Deshmukh, Rhea Chakraborty, Vivek Oberoi and Baba Sehgal. The movie has great songs accompanied with amazing lyrics and composition.

Bank Chor Title Song: 

The movie's title song 'Hum Hain Bank Chor' is naughty as one can guess from the title of the movie. Beautifully sung by Kailash Kher the song has a little touch of rap with Ambili creative ideas. Hearing the song one can guess that the team behind the making of the title song had a lot of fun when the song was in its initial stages.

Check out the title song on the YouTube

The Movie Has Songs With Naught Touch

Bank Chor is definitely not a movie about politicians, social issues, nexalities and other serious matters. It is a light movie fun to watch and has several elements matching that matches with the real life of middle-class families in India. Coming to the music, lyrics, and songs of the movie, Bank Chor has a total of four songs with all having some naughty touch in their composition. The four songs include the title song Hum Hain Bank Chor. The other three songs Tashreef , BC Rap Knockout: Mumbai vs Delhi' and 'Jai Baba Bank Chor'.

The Tashreef song stays quite much on the jamming sessions and has been written by lyricist Adheesh Verma. The next song is quite weird to even name BC Rap Knockout: Mumbai vs Delhi. It is actually worth wondering what makers were thinking of deciding this song for the movie. As the title of the song suggests that the song is about Mumbai and Delhi with singers Naezy and Pardhaan praising about the two states in their songs that have some jamming sessions. The song has been composed by  Shamir Tandon and written by Varun Likhate.

The third song 'Jai Baba Bank Chor' also has a naughty touch. It seems like the makers of the movie have taken the title of the film quite seriously with them mentioning it in almost every song. It is funny to even think what made the makes to chose the title Bank Chor which is said often may sound even offensive word. Anyway, the movie is light and should be watched to lighten up the mood and relax. The song 'Jai Baba Bank Chor' has been written by a newbie Gautam Govind Sharma.


The movie looks promising as well as its songs. Although it has a few of them, they have been spread and located quite evenly through the movie. The Bank Chor movie is latest to have released so let's wait and watch how long the movie stays at the box office hit record. There shouldn't be any harm in listening to the tracks of the movie given that you have watched the movie or the songs might not make any sense to you. So go ahead and listen to the tracks of the movie.

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