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Raveena Tandon To Play Mother Role In Maatr

Well, we have seen celebs turned old still struggling and fighting to get a role of a hero or heroine in the film industry, but how many times have you come across an actor who would graceful embrace the role of a parent. Not many are as adjusting and accepting as the lovely Raveena Tandon.


Married long time ago to a business man, this pretty lady has won the hearts of millions with her raveling voice and amazing personality. She is charming, beautiful and simply gorgeous. The way she plays her roles and manages her life is simply amazing. I saw her recently on a comedy show hosted by Kapil Sharma. Although I am not a die-hard fan of her, her simplicity and shyness won my heart. Kapil, as usual, asked the lady a naughty question of how she tempt her man instead of giving a blunt reply like any celeb would she just giggled and said 'what rubbish you asking'. She is one lady that can be admired for years.

Maintaining her status in the industry the star has recently decided to play the role of a mother in an upcoming movie Maatr by Ashtar Sayed. The movie is a revenge saga addresses the issue of violence against women. Raveena Tandon takes it as her responsibility to bring equality in the society and maintain peace and brotherliness. Her belief in social justice pushed her to play a lead role in the movie Maatr.

The movie Maatr is close to the heart of the celebrity as it is about motherhood. Raveena Tandon was blessed with the motherhood in 1995 when she adopted two girls and raised them in her own capacity f a single mom. Today, Raveena is married to a business tycoon and is biologically a mother of two. Raveena today is a mother of four and has taken considerable steps in improving the life of children.

The movie Maatr revolves around the story of a mother who is all angry and revengeful for an attack that took a heinous toll on the life of her daughter. Tandon believes that it is all the more important to convey such a story in the contemporary times, given countless episodes of rape and abuse against women. "It is about a mother’s emotion towards her children. Looking at the scary world today, all you want to do is protect your child," she says.

This is not her first tryst with films that spread awareness about women abuse. She won a National Award for her portrayal of a domestic abuse victim in the 2002 film Daman: A Victim of Marital Violence.

Maatr also stars Madhur Mittal and Rushad Rana. It is produced by CDB Musical Production and is slated to release on 21 April.

MAATR Movie Official Trailer Check Here:

It would be very interesting to see how this heart-throb lady will put herself in this role. Her character is intense and we can expect some serious, horrifying and incidents that may shake souls of many. Although the movie sounds like a family movie, but one should watch it separately first or read about it before taking kids along to the theater. These days, attacks in Indian women have become quite common. Let's hope this movie will help in providing a secure life to women.

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