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Amaal Malik the Sole Creator Behind Noor Music

The upcoming movie Noor has a tale to tell of a female journalist who is on a journey to find her true bearings. The story of the movie, although isn't new for Hollywood movies watchers, deserves a nice soundtrack. Amaal Malik is the sole music composer behind the songs and sounds that are expected to steal the hearts of many. Manoj Muntashir and Kumar have also provided some lyrics that are again expected to be mesmerizing.


The movie Noor is expected to be out on 21st of April 20017, but its music is already out. The film track song  'Uff Yeh Noor' has a calming appeal. Listening to the track one gets the feeling of 60s. Amaal together with his brother Armaan Malik has done marvelously well by giving the song joyous rendition. The song is an introduction of the protagonist  Noor (played by Sonakshi Sinha), The lyrics have fun elements which when put together sensibly describes the character of Noor. And the timing of the song is apt, just at the time when Noorintroducedcued in the movie.

Listening to the songs of Noor one might recall the magic once set by the music of Mohammed Rafi and R. D. Burman. The movie has a song Gulabi 2.0 which is a kind of remake of Mohammed Rafi's 'Gulabi Aankhen' from Rajesh Khanna's The Train. One might wonder how the song can be sung by a lady and could fit a sence where Sonakshi is dancing in her own tune over the music. Well, again the credit goes to Amaal Mallik (both as composer as well as singer), lyricist Kumaar and singer Tulsi Kumar here for turning this one around upside down and actually coming up with a version that sticks by you. The song Gulabi 2.0 is not a remix of the Gulabi song. However, it just has a hook line of it. Whatsoever the music is great to hear.

The songs of the movie are well framed in line with the story. The track song introduces us with Noor the protagonist and then about her character. Later we see her falling in love and Kumar does a great job in providing a matching song to it Jise Kehte Pyaar Hai. It is not just a song. It is a new age love song with a sweet feel. The song is about realization of true love. The song is sung by Sukriti Kakar matching the feel and emotions of Noor. When all is done, Amaal again comes to forefront adding a heart stealing music to the track.

Just like any ordinary romantic movie, the heroine falls in love and heartbreak falls. Melodrama in Indian cinema is incomplete without a touch of a sad track. The movie Noor can't miss on that. So, Amaal puts together all his talent to give the movie an amazing sad track. Hai Zaroori is the sad track of the movie narrating the sadness of heartbroken Noor. The sad track is expected to be in the second half of the movie. Though Prakriti Kakar sings this Manoj Muntashir written number well, it is basically for the film's narrative.

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