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Phillauri Movie - To Watch or Not

If you haven't watched this romcom so far, don't waste a single minute and watch it today. The movie, Phillauri is a story of a ghost-spirit (Anushka Sharma) who is accidently married to a man in an event that takes place amid hustle and bustle of the past and the future.


Phillauri a romcom is the second home production of the actress Anushka Sharma. The movie features apparition caught in the delima of the present, past and the future of a lover whose desire to meet her lover remains unfulfilled. The first half of the Phillauri is remarkably well drafted. In the first half, we are introduced to the main actors of the movie Anushka Sharma, Suraj Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh, Mehreen Pirzada. Anushka is playing the role of a friendly ghost whose spirit is caught in a tree where she committed suicide century ago. In the flashback, which takes place in the first part of the movie, the audience is introduced with the love affair of Anushka with her lover Diljit, a poet. We are told that Anushka and Diljit'd love fails to convert into marriage. The disappointed Anushka decides to hang herself on a tree with which Suraj Sharma is married to in order to overcome a spell. Till here the movie is fine to watch. But has it moves forward, it become dull and not so interesting to sit in the theater chairs. The second part can go crazy if you don't have anything to keep yourself entertained such as popcorns and a girlfriend lol!

Why You Should Watch This Movie?
The movie might be the home production of the Anushka Sharma, it failed in many ways. For example, the movie doesn't have fillers. You can't watch the entire movie without some break from the story. I mean some jokes here and there in between scenes could have been better. Plus, in the second half of the movie, I think the home producer wanted to gain the maximum of footage so the whole part is dedicated to her love story. I mean flashbacks and flashbacks. So many past episodes deviate us from the hero of the movie and his childhood love whom he wished to marry but end up getting stuck with the ghost. The concept is not new. The whole story is predictable. I was able to guess the entire story by just watching its trailer. So, for me, this movie is a big NO.

Check out the Phillauri movie's full trailer here:

Why You Should Watch This Movie?
The movie is fun to watch if you are a die-hard fan of Anushka and Diljit. The two stunning stars perform quite well though in the flashbacks but their role cannot be ignored and how would you because the make the most of the movie. The movie is about warding off black luck which in turn puts an innocent life with a ghost. Who would like to marry a ghost? Maybe Suraj, playing the role of Kanan, might who tries hard to free the soul of the ghost who has been stuck in a tree for ages. This movie is a must to watch for those who believe in myths and magic.

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