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Kapil Sharma Makes His Love For Ginni Public

Kapil Sharma, the fantabulous stand-up comedian who have been into singing and acting as well, has recently announced his love for girlfriend Bhavneet Chatrath alias Ginni public on Twitter. The man behind tickling our funny bones has been in love for a while, but it is for the first time when he has vocalized his love for Ginni.


Kapil revealed his love for Ginni through a message on Twitter that instead of tickling our funny bones, sent goosebumps to all Kapil Sharma's fans. The twit read: "Hi..want to share something very beautiful thing with u guys ...wait for 30 mins .."

Reading the twit, his fans got curious and anxious to know what the popular celebrity is about to post. Soon Kapil Sharma posted a photograph of him with his lady love Ginni. The post broke the hearts of many girls, but it also received many blessings.
The photo had a caption which didn't only opened up the heart of Kapil, but also showed the other side of the actor.

Kapil Sharma- The Comedian We Have Known; The Lover We Yet To Know

We have known Kapil Sharma ever since he showed up on a comedy reality television show 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge' in 2007. Since then Kapil hs gained name and fame and today he has risen to a pedestal that all stand-up comedians imagine.

But before rising to this level, Kapil had to face a lot of struggle that no one from us knows. Kapil took his name 'Sharma' from his maternal parents. The great comedian who makes us laugh had faced an unforgettable tragedy of life when he was young. He lost his father to cancer in 2004. Within three years of father's demise, the strong soul man gained fame in the field that is not only tough but challenging too. His father late. Jeethendra Kumar Punj was a head constable in the Punjab Police and his mother is a housewife.

Kapil Sharma is not just a stand-up comedian. He is a basket of complete entertainment. He can act, dance, sing and a lot more. Kapil's singing career has been off and on. He has worked as a playback singer has well for Punjabi songs. Originally he wished to be a singer, however, he never knew that his stand-up comedy will one day give him the fame that he could only imagine.

Today the comedian is an actor as well. He first appeared in the movie 'Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon'. He is currently shooting for his new movie 'Firangi'

Twitter Scandals:

No celebrity has been able to escape the scandals. Kapil Sharma has been known for his blunt tweeting. He has off and on tweeted things that have put him in trouble. Now, having he tweeted about his love for Ginni, it is up to us if his tweet will be taken seriously or just a tipsy act. Lets wait and watch to let the things fall in place. We just hope that the comedian does well in his life and may his lady love stays happy too.

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