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Baahubali Breaks The Charm Created by Mughal-e-Azam on Screen, Johar

The Bollywood filmmaker is immensely impressed by the overall shooting of the Baahubali movie and was quite evident from his response at the pre-release of Baahubali 2: The Conclusion held in Hyderabad. Simply amazed by the movie’s outcome Karan Johar said, ‘…he did not have even 10% of SS Rajamouli’s gumption’.


Karan Johar has acquired the theatrical rights of the Hindi version of Baahubali franchise which he will present under the banner of Dharma Productions. Acknowledging the efforts of the producer behind the making of the Baahubali movie, Karan said that the movie is probably the greatest movie ever made.

The movie is also believed to have shaken the magic thatcreated by Mughal-e-Azam on screen. The trailer of the movie has received as many as 100 million views across four Indian languages - Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam.

In the second part of Baahubali, Veteran Tamil actor Sathyaraj who plays Kattappa , finally  reveals as why Kattappa killed Baahubali. When asked by Media why    killed Baahubali, the actor rely was quite hilarious. He said, Producer Shobu paid me very well to kill Prabhas. My director Rajamouli asked me to kill Baahubali, and I obliged. Why would I kill Prabhas otherwise?’’

The Tamil actor has worked in more than 250 movies, but Baahubali is one of the greatest hit in his career. The popularity of the movie has given him a new name ‘Kattappa’. Today, the actor is more popular for his role in the Baahubali movie.

Check out the Baahubali 2 movie's trailer  below:

The second part of Baahubali is due this year and is one of the most awaited movies of the year. Baahubali unfurls on a mammoth canvas, with the extent of changing the elements of Indian silver screen. Rajamouli drives us into a legendary kingdom, Mahishmathi, administered by Bhallaladeva (Rana Daggubati), where Devasena (Anushka Shetty) has been held hostage for a considerable length of time. Affixed and shrouded in grime, she lives with the expectation of being liberated by her child sometime in the future.

Similarly as with past Rajamouli movies, there is the extent of a solid account but since the creators need the story to unfurl in two sections, we can't help feeling something is out of order. Partially two, we'll become more acquainted with additional about various shades to each of the chief characters in the requital show. In any case, Baahubali – the starting misses the mark in its written work, in its capacity to hold the watcher with its narrating. The 'quite a long time ago' doesn't hold consideration when the film harps more than would normally be appropriate on the sentiment amongst Sivudu and Avantika. An unnecessary thing number removes the consideration from the two rulers finding a spy.


Baahubali is a few steps higher than a general Telugu film. Yet, it was intended to be a distinct advantage, not a consistent film. On the off chance that an entrancing adventure is the thing that you go searching for, a few bits can abandon you disappointed. The written work could have been something more. However, there's such a great amount to pull for.

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