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2017 -18 Budgets Leaves Bollywood Dehydrated

This budget gives nothing to Entertainment sector which is one of the great sources of revenue for government and generates many jobs for people so this sector refused this budget.


Like others, film and television industry too have kept their eyes on budget 2017 -18, but nothing cheerful it bring out in their hands.

Entertainment sector is one of the great sources of revenue for government as it generates many jobs for people but this time the government has left out them also. While on this various film stars, producers have expressed their disapproval.

Articulating his sadness, Film producer Mukesh Bhatt says “this time we feel that we do not exist.  Finance Minister didn't even touch our sector which will not only affect us but also the government's revenue that are generated from this sector”

While dreaming on the budget, the entertainment sector too has some demands which include the uniformity of tax and also less tax to be paid. However they also want that the subsidies should be given to the filmmakers to shoot in the country or state, much like how foreign countries do should be given.

Although the dreams remain dreams of film industry as they get nothing out of it, even has to pay more tax on services used.

Siddharth Roy Kapur, president, The Film and Television Producers Guild of India who had greater expectations from this year's Union budget says while crying that this is a sector, that represents the soft power of the country, to achieve its full potential, but we are ignored . It is important, just as China has done, for the government to consider incentivizing the exhibition sector to open screens in markets that are currently underserved."

However, what spelt relief for the film industry was that service tax, which was already on the higher side, had not been touched for the interim period in view of the introduction of GST (goods & services tax) in the coming financial year. "We now hope that the film sector will be fairly taxed under the GST regime," said Kapur on an optimistic note

Whatever the budget is for growth of country but has brought tears in Entertainment sector.

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