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Salman Khan or Swami Om ji, who will be the traitor

Let the aficionado’s and audiences of TV show Big Boss 10 to  be decided who is a forged but those watching Big Boss 10 will definitely say that Swami Omji is a fraud person.


After getting out from the TV show Big Boss-10, for his outrageous antics, Swami Omji Maharaj of Hindu Mahasabha was so furious that he called Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, was a "traitor". He also abused Salman khan and the producer of the big boss -10.

The news was also coming that a king of footage said that he will break the 'Bigg Boss' house and set it on fire as his government is in parliament. The gunda-gardi of Swami Omji was not left on this instant but when he went on the set of news nation to answer some question for which he blamed, he started abusing their female anchor and fight with the guest present over there.

Himself called as god person, Baba Om Swam said that inside big boss house Salman khan came and slapped him by given threat of assassination ,if he didn’t stop with his ongoing acts. However, the truth behind it will be left on time as Om earlier too has made several claims without any basis.

In “Bigg Boss 10", Om was given several warnings to clean up his act but Om never listen of anyone. This time the TV show big boss 10 have called up the 10 Contestants who are common people.

Swami Om ji Maharaj was 10th Contestant in  Bigg Boss 10 and have accused with several crimes .In 2008, Om ji’s was accused by his brother Pramod of breaking the lock of his bicycle shop along with three men and stealing 11 bicycles, spare parts, sale deed of the house and some other documents.

After the case filed, Om ji Maharaj alleged that he was beaten by his brother and filed a cross FIR. Thereafter, police prepared Medico-Legal Case (MLC) report with which he was not satisfied and few days later the judge has sent him to AIIMS for health check up where it was found that he is suffering from psychiatric evaluation.

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