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Actress’s rate card declined

Either it’s a Bollywood or television actresses, everyone facing the problem due to the demonetization which took place in November 8, 2016.


Though demonetization is under the control of government but still its flames are fretting in this glamorous world. The actresses in Bollywood and Television world are encountering hard to keep up their life style so that they can raise their rate card for different events.

It is not easy to keep up the big connections, alluring clothes, gorgeous makeup, fancy cars and foreign trips in a city like Mumbai where money buys everything but after demonetization all seems too dipped. Now the actor and actresses who make their earnings by doing performances in weddings, events has to face recession as many companies have lesser their demands of appointing actresses for different events.

Sana Khan, actress of Wajah Tum Ho, says my earnings have plunged by at least 35 per cent. Event organizers says , they don’t have money to pay ,so event will postponed further and other who have money says that you are so expensive that we can’t afford you in weddings. These same people before demonetization wait for my appointment, now they showing me the doors."

Salman Khan's rakhi sister Shweta Rohira says, "Honestly speaking, demonetization has affected us. It hasn't affected me per se much, because I involved with my art work. But since I know many actresses I must tell you that what you are path is not wrong."

The leggy lasso who was recently dragged in a party to a sofa by a failed actor says this bluddy demonetization has dropped by nearly 50 per cent. And no event manager will tell you that he crusted out money like water earlier, but is holding it close to his chest now as he also quiet on what he has from where and what he having." The organizers are frank with us on this," Sana replied. Bipasha Basu and Chitrangada Singh top the list of the most sought-after heroines when it comes to public appearances. Did you know that many former A-liters, including Rati Agnihotri, Sonali Bendre and Raveena Tandon, are also swamped with such offers? Television actresses like Divyanka Tripathi, Anita Hassanandani, Kishwer Merchant and Karishma Tanna too are in the scrimmage. But now, it’s only the small budget actor and actresses.

Senior event managers show that many actresses are ready to cut their fee to stay in the race. It's like this earlier if the money involved was less than Rs 10 lakh, it was often given in cash. Today nobody has cash all transactions are being done by cheque, where the service tax also comes into play so we accounting less actresses and only those who are within the budget." He also said that this is the reason events are not being organizing in the diaries of many beauties from the film and TV world. The some sponsors have decreased.”


The New Rate Card has far lesser amount then before * November 2016.In Bollywood, the journey to prominence is not an easy one. But what is tougher is, living like a star especially when you don't have continuous work. Lives around events and weddings make them star. Hope the situation returns to normal ASAP as it won’t be same as earlier, says by actress. 

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