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Anushka Sharma will file a sexual harassment case against Karan Johar

Did Anushka Sharma will file a sexual harassment case against Karan Johar?


Will Anushka files a case on Karan Johar, time will tell this but the chinwags have come only after the talk show ‘Koffee with Karan 5. On this show two sexiest actress Anushka and Katrina has dipped out some appalling confessions, which are hard to deem.

Though, ‘koffee with Karan’ talk show was astounding but had brought up the forfeits too for the director Karan Johar. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil actress Anushka Sharma after the show talked with media people and revealed that she will file a sexual harassment case against Karan Johar because Kuch Hota Hai director has touched her inaptly. She also said that it was not first time that he did but many times it happens and she just ignored as he is good friend. He always found sexually harassing the girls and same he did in Manish party where Jacqueline (Fernandez) had also made a complaint against him for this.

Although it was done in good jest but this prank will definitely bring Karan in a hitch soon. The time will tell, what going to happen next but this shocking statement by the lady has raised her eyebrows and once again she will be on controversies. After Anushka Sharma revealed this startling statement, the Katrina put an end to the talk by saying that this legal matter should be postponed to another day as I love both of them and don’t want to hurt anyone. By this, we come to know for Kaif a relation with Karan is important but not a relation with friend and her self respect. Earlier also Anushka Sharma was in hullabaloo with his bf Virat Kaholi, captain of Indian team.

However, it was the last episode of the Karan, but in end also it leaves Johar with some unknown files. The Koffee with Karan 5 is the show where many renowned actors-actresses came and revealed their confessions. This time two brats of Bollywood, who is an are competitors onscreen but good friends off-screen, Babushka Sharia and Katrina Kaif has come and dipped out some crazy confessions that are still lasting in our minds.

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