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Bollywood’s Reaction on Ban on Pak Actors


Bollywood celebs have given different reaction on the Indian Motion Pictures’ Artists Association (IMPPA) decision to ban Pakistani artists’ working in India. Take a look at who said what;


Karan Johar: “I understand the anger and the anguish that surround us and I empathise, my heart bleeds for the lost lives. There is nothing that can justify this terrible feeling of terror. Then you are faced in a situation such as this (asking for ban on Pak artistes). If this was truly a solution, one would take it. But this is not a solution. I don’t believe it is. The larger forces have to come together and sort the situation and this cannot be banning talent or art.”


Nana Patekar: “Pakistan, artistes come later. My nation comes first. I don’t know anyone except my country and don’t want to know anything else. Artistes are small insects in front of the nation, we are worth nothing compared to the country. I don’t want to know what Bollywood says. I was in the army for two years. Our jawans are the real heroes. We are ordinary, useless people. Do not pay attention to what we say. Do you understand whom am I talking about? Humlog jo patar patar karte hain, unpe dhyan mat do. Unki aukat nahi utni.”


Salman Khan: “Ideal situation would have been love and peace, but now it has happened, so obviously it was a reaction to some people’s action. In this day and age, I feel handling things with love and peace would have been better, especially for common people. But after Uri attacks, it seems (like) proper action because they were terrorists.”


Ranbir Kapoor: “I don’t want to sound preachy and like a ‘healer talker’ but we are living in some hard times right now. I hope that you guys don’t get swept away with the bitterness and negativity, the violence that’s happening around the world and around us.”  


Randeep Hooda: “We are trying to isolate Pakistan economically & diplomatically so the cultural isolation must follow #BanPakArtists #IndiaComesFirst #India. It is only by isolation that the people of Pakistan will be able to pressurise their govt & army to act against the #terror organisations.”


Kangana Ranaut: “Right now we are very overwhelmed with the loss of our soldiers, our jawans and our sons. So the country is not in that (frame of mind). It’s very hard to be objective right now. But we hope that the love and art prevail. Right now we can’t expect people to be objective. It’s such a big loss.”


Saif Ali Khan: “The world is open to our film industry and our film industry is open to talents from around the world especially cross border. We are artists who talk about love and peace.”


Anupam Kher: It is really important to say that ‘I condemn the unfortunate massacre of Indian soldiers’ They (Pakistani actors) need to do that. We have always shown our goodness and friendship. There are some people from Pakistan who are wonderful and are great hosts. But when it comes to my country and my jawaans (soldiers), I cannot be diplomatic. I’m biased towards my country.”

For the meantime, Pakistan has also stopped Indian films screening and a ban on all Indian TV content in the country.

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